About Us

PT. MARK LEN INCORPORINDO (MARKLEN) is a company engaged in the procurement of Goods and Services, established under the notarial deed Sahrawati SH, SE, M.Kn No. 33 in Jakarta - Indonesia.


We are here to assist of the Procurement in the:

  • Energy Convertion/Renewable Energy
  • Electrical Vehicle
  • Charging Station & Batteries
  • Mechanical / Electrical
  • Laboratory Equipment in both Products and Softwares


Every service provides are carried out professionally so that it not only provides convenience but is also able to provide services that can improve Supply Chain and provide a more competitive advantage. Supported by all partners and resources who are trained and experienced, placing MARKLEN as a complete and reliable provider.



Always prepared to become a trusted, innovative with a full services high quality partner in every single aspect of procurement.



Contribute, active and progressive in supporting state-owned enterprise for a better future as well as for Indonesian’s Government.